Womb of the Crone

September 2020 - June 2021

Join us in the Womb of the Crone

Crone - Queen of Winter, Keeper of Bones, Walker Between Worlds, Shadow Maker, Wisdom Bearer, Cold Bringer, Shapeshifter, Mother of Death and Decay. Her womb is an inhospitable place. Life is not supposed to grow here, yet it does. The power of Her womb is growth through adversity, of life asserting itself despite the odds. The Season of the Crone pulls us down to the very heart of darkness, then releases us back into the light reborn and renewed. The Crone’s lessons are deep and dark, and in that space She holds for us a powerful and potent yawning wisdom that continues to radiate and permeate throughout time and space. Her lessons are lifelong and life changing.

Womb of the Crone Fellowship will prepare you and guide you through this important cycle of death to rebirth.

For six months we will join together in virtual circle and do intense work to guide you through the winter months. This will be followed by a three month integration period in the spring, designed to give you the space to process the lessons of the previous months. We will end our time together with a symbolic rebirth on Summer Solstice.

The themes we will be exploring each month are:
September - conception, nesting, orientation
October -
building foundations, setting intentions, ancestral connection
November -
toxicity, reflection, rite of passage
December -
navigating the darkness, giving thanks, creating light
January -
liminal space, suspension, radical resting
February -
dreaming reality, outer awareness
March -
growth, tilling the soil
April -
unfurling, development
May -
anticipation, duality
June -
birth, coming into the light, expansion

Our live circles will explore each theme in-depth through movement, journalling, shamanic journeying, shadow work, meditation, and more. During the integration period, we will provide you with self-paced worksheets and guided meditations to continue our work from the winter but we will not meet in circle. The Fellowship will finish with one final live circle on Summer Solstice, symbolizing your rebirth into this world. Our private Facebook group will be available for the duration of the Fellowship as a shared space to ask us questions and connect with other members.

To keep this space intimate, to foster a sense of close community, and to allow for more guidance and attention, the Fellowship will be limited to 10 participants. The only thing required to join the Fellowship is your commitment and participation.

As with all of our work, this Fellowship is open to anyone regardless of gender identity, age, race, sexual orientation, or religion. We are an open, accepting space for all who wish to join. No prior experience in movement, meditation, shadow work, etc. is needed. It is recommended that you have some prior experience with shamanic journeying. If not, you can take an introductory workshop with Kyra on September 12th at a discounted rate. Please email her for details.

"It is the time where a second birth occurs through a magical source, and whereafter the soul now lays claim to two bloodlines, one from the physical world, one from the world unseen."
- Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Womb of the Crone Fellowship is for you if...

You are called by the Crone

You struggle through the winter months

You want to discover and develop your gifts

You are looking for space to be held and to be seen

You want to better understand and make use of the transformational period that is winter

You want to know and understand yourself better

You are looking for a supportive, international community

❖ You value reconnection to the rhythms of the seasons and the Earth

❖ You are ready to deepen into your healing

You find yourself on the precipice of a deep, transitional journey

What's Included:

❖ 7 virtual live circles via Zoom on the following Sundays from 1pm-4pm EST (check your timezone here):
September 20th, October 18th, November 22nd, December 20th, January 17th, February 21st, and June 20th

Please note that these circles will not be recorded.

❖ Guided meditations and worksheets for the months of March, April and May

❖Access to a private Facebook group with fellow members, including Elizabeth and Kyra

❖ 20% off all Otherworld Retreats circles and workshops*

❖ 10% of all classes and workshops with

❖ 10% off all virtual tarot readings and workshops with
Nox Tarot*

❖ 20% off Kyra's Intro to Shamanic Journeying workshop on Sept. 12

* From September 20, 2020 until June 20, 2021


If you'd like to be informed if space becomes available,
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When are the live circles? The live circles will take place on Zoom on the following Sundays from 1pm - 4pm EST (check your timezone here): September 20th, October 18th, November 22nd, December 20th, January 17th, February 21st, and June 20th.

Will the circles be recorded? No, we have chosen not to record the circles in order to honour the intimacy of these spaces.

Can I join the Fellowship if I don't have a womb and/or identify as a man? Yes! As with all of our work, this Fellowship is open to anyone regardless of gender identity, age, race, sexual orientation, or religion. We are an open, accepting space for all who wish to join

I have no experience with yoga, shadow work, shamanic journeying, etc. Is that ok? Yes! We are here to guide you through this entire process whether you need a lot of guidance or a little. We do recommend that you have some prior experience with shamanic journeying, and Kyra is offering an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying workshop on September 12th at a discounted rate to the Fellowship. Please email noxtarot@gmail.com for details.

Is it possible to join for only a few months? As space is limited, we are not allowing people to join for only a portion of the Fellowship. If you are unable to commit to the full ten months, you are still welcome to join us for our other workshops and circles that are separate from the Fellowship.

Do I need to prepare anything in order to join the Fellowship? All you need to do is bring yourself and be open to sharing your experiences with the group. Before each live circle, we will send out a reminder email that will include anything you may need to bring to the circle.

Do you offer payment plans? Yes, we offer two options for payment. You can pay for the entire Fellowship up front for $390 CAD. Alternatively, you can pay $45 CAD monthly for ten (10) months. Both of these options are available for you at booking. Please note that with a monthly subscription you can only pay with credit card.

When will I be billed each month for the monthly subscription? Billing depends on when you sign up for the Fellowship. For example, if you sign up on September 5th then you will be billed on the 5th of each month.

What is your cancellation policy? You will be able to cancel and receive a full refund up until September 20th, 2020. If you cancel after September 20th, you are not eligible for a refund. If you cancel a monthly subscription, you are still responsible for all payments after cancellation if you miss the September 20th deadline.