The Otherworld Experience: Are Our Retreats Right for You?

December 16, 2019

We’ve heard from many people that our retreats sound life changing, but they’ve been unsure as to whether or not it’s what they are looking for. We thought we would give you an idea of what to expect during our Otherworld sacred retreat experiences.

Our retreats offer you the time, space and support to access deeper levels of healing and to awaken your own inner healer. You are your own greatest teacher, but sometimes we need others to guide us to this awareness of ourselves. We are there to hold space for you and show you ways to unlock your hidden potential, giving you the opportunity to go deeper and explore your gifts. We will support your development and healing throughout the whole journey with the option for private check-ins throughout our time together. In our everyday lives, it can be difficult to find space, support, and time to do this work on your own. On retreat, you do not have to think about making meals or what you need to do next, you can simply allow the days to unfold and become a witness to your own growth. This is why we are so excited to offer our retreats - to provide you a container this important spiritual work.

We have carefully curated this retreat experience to help you navigate this new space wherever you are in your spiritual awakening. Awakening and healing can be a rocky road, and we are ready to help and facilitate even the darkest and scariest of times. This is, in part, why we offer physical work alongside the spiritual. Our physical movement practice helps us start our days in a grounded and receptive state. Yoga-based movements contribute not only to your physical wellbeing but help to unlock emotional and spiritual blockages. The morning movement, meditation, and healthy meals ensure you can stay grounded, nourished, and centered throughout the retreat. Everything we guide you through with this experience gives you concrete tools that you can continue to practice at home.

The beauty of the work we do is that it is accessible to anyone regardless of age, experience level, or gender. There are an abundance of women’s retreats available, and men’s retreats are gaining popularity too, but our work is not exclusive to one because it transcends gender. This work is inclusive - it is universal. Additionally, the work we do is suitable for any experience level. You determine how deep you want to go during our retreats.

For our upcoming 2020 retreat, we are working with Kyra’s spirit guide Gwydion. Gwydion, like most trickster gods, is able to embody both the masculine and the feminine. Part of our work together is to help you understand the balance between our inner feminine and our inner masculine - work that is vital regardless of gender identity. We all have inner masculine and feminine energies (also called anima and animus or yin and yang), and learning to work with both of them is deeply healing. Kyra has written extensively about the importance of the sacred masculine, which seems to have been largely forgotten in this age. We hope to help revive and heal that relationship for all retreat participants.

One of the most important aspects of our retreats is fostering a sense of community. Both Elizabeth and Kyra know what it’s like to feel alone in this process, and our aim is that you will make long lasting friendships with the other attendees...and us! The spiritual path can be a lonely one and it can be hard to find people that you connect with. By coming together with like-minded people you are opening the door. Experiences like this one draw people from all over the world and often you will find exactly who you needed to meet at this stage of your journey. 

If you want to discover and develop your own gifts. If you want to grow into your full potential. If you want to start your healing process but don’t know how. If you are already healing but want to go deeper. If you want to foster a deeper connection to your body. If you want to find a balance between your inner energies. If you are looking for a space to be held and be seen. If you are searching for a community. If you want to connect to nature. If you are looking are looking for guidance. If you want to explore the depths of ritual. If you want to discover the Otherworld and the power that lies there. If you want to learn more about the magick and power of myth. If you’re just curious. If you don’t know anything. If you know a little bit. If you know a lot. This retreat is for you. Join us.

Gwydion’s Crossing: Between World Retreat

September 18-25, 2020

Cornwall, UK